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Is your company looking for an innovative way to:

  • Increase visibility and thought leadership?
  • Gain access to business leaders?
  • Market products and services?
  • Broaden professional networks and stay up to date on new technologies?
  • Communicate your support of the technology community and ecosystem?
  • Entertain and strengthen relationships with clients?
  • Get more business?

Look no further than the sponsorship and marketing opportunities available to you through the Tech Council.

With a variety of partnering options available, we’re confident your company will find an opportunity that fits your mission and business goals.

Innovation and Venture Conferences

The Innovation Forecast focuses on innovations being developed by established companies along with those coming out of the start-up community. In the spring, the Venture Conference showcases the region’s most promising startups and emerging companies offering pitching opportunities. The conference typically attracts over 400 entrepreneurs, developers, individual investors, venture capitalists, lenders and other financing groups from the region as well as many leading service providers and entrepreneurial support organizations.

Peer to Peer Conferences/Forums

The CIO Conference focuses on the leading issues facing technology driven companies and honors CIOs and CISOs. The annual Leadership Summit assembles the region’s best and brightest tech and life science leaders for insightful discussions, engaging speakers and the sharing of best practices, all designed to help them more successfully grow their enterprises. In addition, quarterly roundtables support CEOs, CFOs, CIO/CISOs and Innovation Leaders. Salon dinners feature curated groups of influencers discussing the future.

Sector Specific Conferences

The Council presents several events including: the HealthTech Conference in May which highlights how technology is changing how healthcare is managed; the FinTech Conference addresses the needs of the growing financial sector as it seeks to develop and implement an effective technologies in the areas of payments, lending and fundraising; the Data Summit, typically held in November/December, brings together data center infrastructure and operations managers, IT and business continuity professionals as well as senior business and tech leaders to discuss business intelligence, analytics systems and solutions.


Conferences for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Each year, the Global Commercialization Conference emphasizes collaboration at every stage of development and between industry and academia. The Internet of Things Conference showcases technologies, insights and opportunities around the next frontier of information access. Lastly, the Council actively supports accelerators, incubators, meetups, coworking spaces as well as hackathons throughout the region.

Tech Council Sponsorships Include:

  • CEO, CFO, CDO(CIO), and Innovation Leader Peer Groups, Professional development and leadership sessions.
  • Industry Networks: InfoTech/Supply Chain; Telecom/Media; Life Sciences/HealthTech; Emerging/Disruptive Technologies.
  • Private Influencer Salons and Innovation Dinners.
  • Signature Events: Innovation Forecast, VentureCon, Leadership Summit, Fintech Con, HealthTech Con, Awards Celebration, Women in Tech, Tech Day, CFO Awards, CIO/CISO Conference, STEM Awards: Innovators to Watch
  • Customized innovation programs and workshops.

Other ideas for sponsorship? Let’s talk.