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Chief Executive Officers

The NJTC CEO Peer Network brings together CEOs of technology companies for networking, learning and sharing experiences. This program is customized for the audience, with input from our sponsors, with the goal of encouraging CEOs to build alliances, develop partnerships, and become leaders who will take their company to the next level.

Chief Financial Officers

The CFO Peer Network brings together chief financial officers from diverse industries to discuss timely issues that are important to them. The annual CFO Awards celebrates the accomplishments of professionals in this Network. Programs and other events provide networking opportunities that enable CFOs to share timely information with others and to meet vendors who can assist them.

Chief Information Officers

The CIO Peer Network is a unique forum that provides the region’s CIOs with opportunities for exchanging ideas and solutions through networking and programs specifically designed to address their needs in managing technology issues in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Programs provide access to current information about emerging technology trends that will impact future planning and support the positioning of New Jersey as a premier destination for the region’s technology companies.

Innovation Leaders

The Information Technology/Supply Chain Network provides information, resources and networking for information technology personnel to help them manage and grow their companies. This Network helps create an environment and locate resources that attract capital, customers and employees to the state by representing the interests of member companies on issues impacting the industry here and abroad, now and in the future.