Member Spotlight: Internet Creations

Launching the NTJC Member Spotlight Series with Felisa Palagi, CEO of Internet Creations.
Internet Creations

What is Internet Creations and how long has Internet Creations been a member of the NJTC? 

Internet Creations has been a member of the NJTC since 2014.

Internet Creations empowers companies to deliver the perfect customer experience by leveraging the Salesforce platform. They achieve this by helping clients with their support agent process, self service, omni-channel and field service through Salesforce customizations and turnkey apps.

What factors contributed to IC joining the NJTC community? 

Internet Creations has a long relationship with NJTC. It was a no-brainer when it came to joining as a member. Back in the 90’s, NJTC was first a customer of Internet Creations. 

In what ways has Internet Creations benefited by joining the NJTC community?

Internet Creations has enjoyed being a member of the NJTC community. This membership has helped them amplify their voice, recruit talent and collaborate with other leaders. Internet Creations was thrilled when they were able to assist in putting together the Women in Tech panel event.

Two key benefits that IC values from being a NJTC member is being a part of the members-only Slack channel and the weekly webinars.

Internet Creations was a finalist for the NJTC Innovative Company of the Year award in 2019.

You joined Internet Creations as the first COO – how has that experience been, especially working in NJ?

Felisa Palagi enjoys working in New Jersey and calls it a hidden gem. She enjoys the authentic and hardworking people. Felisa’s transition from COO to the new CEO of Internet Creations is all about making sure Internet Creations’ voice, along with New Jersey’s voice, is heard. She’s eager to amplify the great ideas the tech community in New Jersey has. 

How has the experience been helping the team navigate these uncertain times internally? 

The Internet Creations team learned to pivot their mindset. Together, they improved their processes quickly to be able to adapt to change, offer improved customer chat, and watch cash flow more closely.

They have been responsive by extending their app trials for clients from 21 days to 60-90 day trials. Internet Creations has been very flexible with their staff working from home. Palagi ensures daily communication with the team to keep them informed on company changes and shifts during the pandemic.

Do you think your experience as a crisis counselor has influenced how you’ve helped your employees and the greater community? 

Communication and empathy has always been important to Palagi and the core of her management style.  It taught her to actively reach out to people in her company and check in with them. Many people don’t want to burden the people around them.  Being a crisis counselor really taught her the importance of leaning in and listening deeply to her team.

Over the course of your business career in technology , what challenges have you overcome and how have you dealt with criticism, success and your overall development as a professional?

Palagi says that if you haven’t experienced criticism, you probably aren’t trying to push the limits and trying to innovate.

She’s thankful for those that have championed her over the years and allowed her to take risks and be able to fail safely. It has helped inspire new ideas, encouraged her to inspire others and to be a multiplier. To Palagi, it’s important to provide a safe environment for others to try and experiment new ideas to be able to grow.

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NJTC has compiled useful links and past videos/webinars to utilize as resources to help your organization during COVID-19.  Safety measures, best practices and more on our COVID-19 resource page are available here.

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