New Jersey’s best and brightest are lured away every year. The Tech Council is committed to stopping the exodus and keeping our highly educated technology workforce in the state and region.

We want students to attend our universities and launch their careers in our great state. In turn, the NJ Tech Council Educational Foundation brings business and academia together to foster collaborative relationships through teacher visits to member companies, as well as for student internships, and mentoring.

The Council’s Education Network provides information on various organizations and partnerships that are active in educational development of the technology industries. The Network also offers programs where Summer Intern, Researchers and Graduate and PhD students are able presentation on their research.

Interns and Co-ops:

If your company hasn’t hired interns or co-ops in the past, here are five tips to make the program a success for your company and for the students.

  • Provide an accurate description of the and the kind of student you think will best fit the position. Don’t forget to ask for details about any requirements the school has for hiring an intern or co-op student, such as number of hours, student evaluation, etc.
  • Identify one supervisor who can tell the intern what to do while serving as a resource person to help the intern perform. It is very helpful to the student when the supervisor can also be a mentor.
  • Understand that the more on-the-job-training the company provides, the more the company is able to use the internship to evaluate whether the student should ultimately be hired as a permanent employee. This is often called “try before you buy”.
  • Use the student’s knowledge and creativity. Remember, the student brings contemporary insights and can provide a fresh perspective on the position in particular and on company operations in general.
  • Maintain good communications between the contact person at the college and the company. In turn, your company will build a reputation as a good place for interns to work, and that college or university can become a pipeline for future employees.

For more information please contact NJ Tech Council at (732) 456-5700.