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Who we are

The NJTC is a 24 year young, 1,100+ member organization focused on organizing, fostering and leading development of the innovation economy in region.  Founded in 1996, we are a private, nonprofit membership organization, which supportthe tech, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems across the state and region. It is among the largest and most respected organizations of its kind nationwide. 

We have the unique ability to: 

  • Offer opportunities to learn, network and grow. 
  • Recognize and promote member companies and their leadership. 
  • Nurture the tech and talent pipeline critical to growth. 
  • Provide access to funding sources  
  • Advocate and support public policy which strengthens our community

    We boast some of the most dynamic programming in the region, including the Innovation Forecast and Venture Conference which attract hundreds of entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors with great ideas and capital to invest. We also now power Propelify – the community that propels innovation by empowering innovators, entrepreneurs, and technologists with the tools, knowledge, and people to turn ideas into action.  The Propelify Innovation Festival, now powered by the NJTC, unites 8000 attendees at its annual gathering on Pier A in Hoboken.  These programs are fabulous connectors and grow every year with new faces, innovations, and technology. 

    Fueled by the recent acquisition of Propelify – we are focused on taking the best of the NJTC and infusing it with a new, fresh mission, voice, member focus, and vitality