The NJTC proudly boasts some of the most exciting conferences in the country.

Financing Conferences

The NJTC Technology Forecast and the NJTC Venture Conference attract hundreds of entrepreneurs and financiers with great ideas and capital to invest.

Peer to Peer Conferences

The NJTC CIO Conference focuses on the leading issues facing technology driven companies; the NJTC Leadership Summit assembles New Jersey’s best and brightest high-tech and life science executives for insightful discussions, engaging and successful speakers and practical advice for managing a technology company.

Sector Specific Conferences

Highlighting the hottest technology industries: the NJTC Health Information Technology Summit highlights the growing market segment of health information technology; the NJTC FinTech Conference addresses the needs of the growing financial sectors as they seek to develop and implement an effective FinTech framework.

Conferences for Entrepreneurs

The NJTC Bootcamp is an intense workshop for current and hopeful entrepreneurs; the Regional Commercialization Summit emphasizes collaboration at every stage of development and between industry and academia.

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